‘Bus’ bahot hua!

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Commuting by bus(es) to office can get annoying. Especially when i’ve not slept well(or slept at all) and I’m trying to get to office without getting into trouble sleep-walking. The list of rants below is for those commuters who don’t give a thought to their surroundings and act like rubbish, much like the pissed off mood I’m in right now.
Bus Rants:
1. Don’t start searching for places right when you’re getting in. There are 20 more people behind you trying to get in.
2. When you’re seated on a seat meant for more than one passenger, stick to your half. Spread a little and I’d be more than happy to push you off of your half of the seat.
3. If you’re oversize and standing in the gangway, atleast make an effort to allow people trying to get in or out to get past you. It’s not like you’re invisible & definitely not someone whom people can pass right through.
4. If you get a little push in a crowded bus, keep your macho grin’s and (dirty)stares to yourself. I have mine to give you. You’re not the only one getting pushed around.
5. If your a lady, try not to occupy seats not meant for you, when seats meant for you are empty! Guys like me dont sit on your seats even if they are empty and there aren’t any ladies without seats. Be courteous or I wont be.
6. If your a lady, without a seat, standing beside me as i’m seated, dont expect me to fall for your puppy eyes and give up my seat. I dont do that to you, but I do give up my seat to someone I feel is more in need of than myself.
7. If you find the bus moving too slow, swearing at the driver doesn’t do any good. Try walking up to him and politely ask him to speed up a lil? P.S: Don’t bother asking my opinion as your co-passenger, it’s the last thing i’d want a conversation about.
8. To the bus conductors, don’t ask me to move ahead (“pudhey chala”) is irritating to say the very least when the seats ahead are meant for ladies, the elderly & the handicapped. Do you expect me to be baby-sit by them? Standing is a pain in itself, dont add the vocal annoyance. Get the ladies & the like ahead. I wont move ahead if I’m to miss out on a much needed seat after a hard day at work and with a laptop clinging to my back or if i don’t have to get off any soon. I would be glad to let the other’s get ahead, that want to.
9. If you happen to consume ‘paan’ don’t lean across me to reach the window to spit out your filth. It makes me wanna smash your face right into the metal or glass, whatever you prefer going face-first into. Avoid it completely, you’re only dirtying the bus and the city.
10. If you don’t have to get off the bus anytime soon try not to block the exits. You’re not paid to be the doorman.
11. Once you get off the bus, try moving away from the exit ASAP, drivers here get the bus in motion as soon as you get off, so get the hell out of the way when people behind you have to get off too. Else, i’ll just step over your feet to let you know where they should be heading.
12. Allow people carrying kids in their arms to get a seat or atleast move to a much comfortable place in the bus where the child isn’t subject to shoves.
13. If your a lady and find a gent sitting on the ladies seat, dont say,”Ladies seat hai” with your fake attitude! Men aren’t your maids that you can order around. Be polite. ‘Please’, ‘Excuse me’, ‘Could you’, aren’t only for the gentlemanly.
14. If your carrying light luggage, dont make it share my half of the seat. You wont be getting a lap dance from any lady in the bus, so why dont you warm it with your luggage?
15. Avoid standing right in the center of the gangway. Also if you have a backpack, keep it to the sides. A bulging backpack blocks the space in the center.
16. Keep your senses open to the surroundings. The bus isn’t your private property, neither are the people commuting your slaves. Be respectful, everyone has to get home after toiling through the day. Make it easier for them & yourself. If possible, afford a smile. It’s nice to see someone aware of other’s like you.

*Inner peace, inner peace, inner peace.. inn.. Argh!*

Lifehouse – You And Me

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The word RETURN holds a lot of meaning. For the past 23 years of my life, it has made it’s presence felt in some meaning or the other. This being my first participation in Blog-a-Ton I wanna keep it simple. Below are the top 5 RETURN moments selected from an assorted list of memories in descending order.

One year into the industry, I’ve already duly filed my IT Returns for the last financial year. I hope each citizen has rightfully filed their’s and have done their bit towards India’s progress.

#4 RETURN of The Lost Purse
This incident occurred when I was in the primary division in school. Having had a half day I was delighted to get home early in the afternoon. As I walked back home, I found an abandoned ladies purse lying on the road. Out of curiosity, I opened it to find a gold chain and Rs.20 in it. For the first time I had the chance to earn some black money but that thought never occurred. I have absolutely no clue what made me take it back to school and hand it over to the Head-mistress. She eventually concluded the chain was fake, imitation jewelry. A gentle pat on the back and a word of praise at having shown honesty made my day. I continued to reap the blessings of that act of mine & eventually i was chosen the Best Student of my school i.e. Marian King.

#3 RETURN to Art
Drawing, painting, doodling or even scribbling has been a constant passion with me. For reasons unknown, I lost that passion somewhere as I focussed on clearing my SSC exams. For the next 3.5 years I didn’t pickup the pencil, pen or brush to draw more than a line. Art had gone missing. Then came Batman: The Dark Knight(2008) and Heath Ledger gave a performance that deserved accolades million times the number of scars on his face (You wanna know how i got these scars? :)) What followed was a boring day at college, and I pick up a pencil, opened an image of ‘The Joker’ on my cellphone and start sketching it at the back of my notebook. The sketch culminated into the first image below & that was the day I returned to art. Check out a few more classroom sketches.

I now have random doodles hanging on the walls of my cubicle in office!

#2 RETURN to Life
Engineering was an ambition till I enrolled in college & then it turned into agony. The brilliant student that people thought I was had let his head stay atop cloud #9.
What brought it down was a terrible first semester exam. I couldn’t imagine that I would so ignore studies and deviate so far from my goal that I would be hell scared on the day results were to be displayed in college. That dreaded day, a million thoughts ran through my head. Like all parent’s, mine too had a dream that I would continue the ideal efforts that saw me get into a good college and ultimately become a good engineer. How was I going to face them later that evening. Having never failed an examination, the very thought of getting a KT terrified me. It wasn’t expected of me. I couldn’t face myself. The nervousness increased as the student crowd gathered around the notice boards. The exam controller controlled the impatient & expectant crowd while the office boy put up the sheet of results onto the notice board. I stood behind everyone, didn’t have the guts to venture near and find out what fate held for me. I expected a minimum of 4 KT’s in 7 papers (I think). How much more worse could it get? I trusted myself to clear atleast 2 papers. A little while later as I stood inside my class I see my friend burst into the class from the backdoor and shout,“Dudeeeeeee! Just one KT!” That statement struck me like lightning and I couldn’t stop myself from asking him, “Are you sure?”
His response was the same as his first & it held true for him & me! The smile that it got onto my face brought me back to Life. Never again, I thought to myself. I had gone too far with the fun & frolic & had forgotten what I had set out to achieve. The relief that set in was nothing less than returning back to life. I didn’t do too bad later as I graduated last year, knowing that the KT’s that I subsequently got were due to tough examination papers & a couple of blank outs but never because of being under-prepared… well maybe sometimes 😛

#1 RETURN to Life
This is gonna be the shortest return moment that I’d describe for each has his own return story. From being in  a state of love for a while to being woken out of it, I returned to life and work for that’s all that remained. Although heart broken, life provided a distraction which though futile for the most part, did help me get through the day. Not quite what I wished for, but enough to get back on the road.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you feel strongly about it, do drop in the comments your favorite & cherished RETURN moment in Life.

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