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Posted: June 9, 2010 in Poetry

Originally written as a dedication to a special someone that I lost somewhere in time.


I watch the stars,
Lining up in the sky,
I look for the brightest one,
But i cant spot it up high.
I wonder where it has gone,
I wonder why i cant see,
The star that was always there,
Lighting up the sky for me.

Oh my star, where you are?
Why dont you come to me?
Have you burned out?
Or have the heavens set you free?

Scanning the horizon,
I see a shooting star,
My heart skips a beat,
Do i accept defeat?
In the distance it fades away,
Into the ground, just crash & burn.
The final glimpse, a dying spark,
A star that cant light up the dark.

Oh my star, where you are?
Why dont you come to me?
Have you burned out?
Or have the heavens set you free?

I turn around, amazed to see,
An angel stand in front of me.
Her jet black hair, darker than night,
Her eyes lit up, fiery bright.
Her smile radiates a magnificent glow,
Her silken robe, like winter snow.
As she moves in closer, i start to freeze.
I try to speak, but words dont release.
Shes looking at me,
Trying to read my mind.
Beyond my doubts & fears,
She has my question to find.
She powers on, as i try to hide,
Her mystic aura with my thoughts collide.
She smiles at me, as i realise,
She’s here for me, to my surprise !
“Who are you?”, i ask, “From where you are?”
“I burned down from the heaven’s “, she says, “I’m your superstar.”


The Beautiful Game

Posted: June 7, 2010 in Sport

The world’s most popular sport takes centre stage in 4 days time in South Africa. Needless to say, the fever of the FIFA World Cup has started to grip football fans all over the globe. Much has been said & discussed about the squads selected for the 32 participating nations. This time, each country seems to have a fair chance of getting the title of World Champions. Being an avid football fan & follower, i will be rooting for one nation to win the world cup. For the past 2 editions, i’ve supported England; a team of tremendous talent but one that has failed to deliver since 1966. Choosing a squad for England, Fabio Capello must seriously have been spoilt for choice. The number of stars that compete with international standards for their respective clubs in competitions such as the domestic league & the UEFA Champions League give the manager a pool of players where one has atleast 3 players for a spot in the team. Nonetheless, the squad that will participate are capable of going all the way. Yet, this time i look to support Spain. I’m not changing fan base to the Spaniards but just curious to know how the Euro 2008 champions will fare. David Villa and Fernando Torres can run riot against any defence and having the Euro player of the tournament in Xavi, much is expected from the squad that didnt go far in 2006. My instinct say’s Spain will be crowned champions.

It is unfortunate for players who will miss out on the platform that every player looks to take in their career, the chance to win glory for the country seldom comes ones way. Sadly some players didnt make it to their national squad while some will miss out with injury. The chance has gone by this year.

Nonetheless, the beautiful game will captivate audiences with its thrills, excitement & maybe a few controversies( who can forget Zidane’s infamous headbutt in the 2006 finale ). I look forward to what will be the biggest sporting event of the year.