In Pieces

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Poetry

It’s odd that i should experience short term amnesia right when i login into my blog, but who can tell what’s going to happen. Probably the same amnesia caused me to forget my once oh-so-loved-by-me-blog 😦

In Pieces

I held on for too long,
I didn’t know.
The pain held inside,
I didn’t show.

Love could end so fast,
I couldn’t believe.
To go on without you,
I couldn’t percieve.

Those moments of love,
Were everything to me.
To love you all along,
Was my chosen destiny.

I guess fate didn’t want it,
My love for you, now you didn’t need it.
Times changed & things weren’t like before,
The joy in your smile wasn’t there anymore.

To realize you were gone,
Shred & tore my heart.
I wished you would never have promised,
To never go apart.

All that’s left now,
Is pieces of me.
Putting them back together,
Just hoping you’ll see.
That each piece of my heart,
Has nothing in it, but you.
You’ve moved onto a new love,
But i will always love you.

Disclaimer: The above lines bear no resemblance to my current state of being and is merely a work of fiction 🙂 Any conclusions drawn will not be entertained.

  1. I’d so want to compose it on guitar and sing it someday! Alas I can neither strum nor hum. 🙂

    • kevinyide says:

      i plan to get a 6string myself this diwali. maybe then we cud do a composition 😉
      oh n u do hv an excellent humming capability.. as demonstrated in office 🙂

  2. Priyanka says:

    right flow of emotions. wud be a good song. well done!! 🙂

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