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The word RETURN holds a lot of meaning. For the past 23 years of my life, it has made it’s presence felt in some meaning or the other. This being my first participation in Blog-a-Ton I wanna keep it simple. Below are the top 5 RETURN moments selected from an assorted list of memories in descending order.

One year into the industry, I’ve already duly filed my IT Returns for the last financial year. I hope each citizen has rightfully filed their’s and have done their bit towards India’s progress.

#4 RETURN of The Lost Purse
This incident occurred when I was in the primary division in school. Having had a half day I was delighted to get home early in the afternoon. As I walked back home, I found an abandoned ladies purse lying on the road. Out of curiosity, I opened it to find a gold chain and Rs.20 in it. For the first time I had the chance to earn some black money but that thought never occurred. I have absolutely no clue what made me take it back to school and hand it over to the Head-mistress. She eventually concluded the chain was fake, imitation jewelry. A gentle pat on the back and a word of praise at having shown honesty made my day. I continued to reap the blessings of that act of mine & eventually i was chosen the Best Student of my school i.e. Marian King.

#3 RETURN to Art
Drawing, painting, doodling or even scribbling has been a constant passion with me. For reasons unknown, I lost that passion somewhere as I focussed on clearing my SSC exams. For the next 3.5 years I didn’t pickup the pencil, pen or brush to draw more than a line. Art had gone missing. Then came Batman: The Dark Knight(2008) and Heath Ledger gave a performance that deserved accolades million times the number of scars on his face (You wanna know how i got these scars? :)) What followed was a boring day at college, and I pick up a pencil, opened an image of ‘The Joker’ on my cellphone and start sketching it at the back of my notebook. The sketch culminated into the first image below & that was the day I returned to art. Check out a few more classroom sketches.

I now have random doodles hanging on the walls of my cubicle in office!

#2 RETURN to Life
Engineering was an ambition till I enrolled in college & then it turned into agony. The brilliant student that people thought I was had let his head stay atop cloud #9.
What brought it down was a terrible first semester exam. I couldn’t imagine that I would so ignore studies and deviate so far from my goal that I would be hell scared on the day results were to be displayed in college. That dreaded day, a million thoughts ran through my head. Like all parent’s, mine too had a dream that I would continue the ideal efforts that saw me get into a good college and ultimately become a good engineer. How was I going to face them later that evening. Having never failed an examination, the very thought of getting a KT terrified me. It wasn’t expected of me. I couldn’t face myself. The nervousness increased as the student crowd gathered around the notice boards. The exam controller controlled the impatient & expectant crowd while the office boy put up the sheet of results onto the notice board. I stood behind everyone, didn’t have the guts to venture near and find out what fate held for me. I expected a minimum of 4 KT’s in 7 papers (I think). How much more worse could it get? I trusted myself to clear atleast 2 papers. A little while later as I stood inside my class I see my friend burst into the class from the backdoor and shout,“Dudeeeeeee! Just one KT!” That statement struck me like lightning and I couldn’t stop myself from asking him, “Are you sure?”
His response was the same as his first & it held true for him & me! The smile that it got onto my face brought me back to Life. Never again, I thought to myself. I had gone too far with the fun & frolic & had forgotten what I had set out to achieve. The relief that set in was nothing less than returning back to life. I didn’t do too bad later as I graduated last year, knowing that the KT’s that I subsequently got were due to tough examination papers & a couple of blank outs but never because of being under-prepared… well maybe sometimes 😛

#1 RETURN to Life
This is gonna be the shortest return moment that I’d describe for each has his own return story. From being in  a state of love for a while to being woken out of it, I returned to life and work for that’s all that remained. Although heart broken, life provided a distraction which though futile for the most part, did help me get through the day. Not quite what I wished for, but enough to get back on the road.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you feel strongly about it, do drop in the comments your favorite & cherished RETURN moment in Life.

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