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Some lines that I had written and buried somewhere on my previous blog, now finding its way here.

Each time.

Each time that I see your eyes,
My own freeze solid like the arctic ice.

Each time that I hear your voice,
Each spoken word drowns out the noise.

Each time that I see your smile,
My heart gets me to surrender mine.

Each time that I hold your hand,
I realize how much it’s in demand.

Each time that I think of you,
There’s nothing else I’d want to do.

Each time that I’m day-dreaming,
I realize that reality is far from believing.

Each time that my heart skips a beat,
I just smile knowing your approaching me.

Each time there’s something you’re about to say,
I wonder, how without words; do you take my breath away?

Each time that I make you laugh,
Do you realize, that it’s only you I love?

Each time that you go away,
I can’t wait to meet you the next day.

Each time that I’m about to sleep,
I set free my heart for you to keep.

Each time I wish that I not wish anymore,
I only succumb to my heart’s control.

Each time that with you I fight,
I stay awake trying to make it up that night.

Each time that I make you cry,
Next moment I’m wishing, that I’d die.

Each time that I’m alone,
I’m only praying; someday you’ll call me your own.

Each second of my existence I give to you.
Yearning, in return, for your love true.


In Pieces

Posted: August 22, 2010 in Poetry

It’s odd that i should experience short term amnesia right when i login into my blog, but who can tell what’s going to happen. Probably the same amnesia caused me to forget my once oh-so-loved-by-me-blog 😦

In Pieces

I held on for too long,
I didn’t know.
The pain held inside,
I didn’t show.

Love could end so fast,
I couldn’t believe.
To go on without you,
I couldn’t percieve.

Those moments of love,
Were everything to me.
To love you all along,
Was my chosen destiny.

I guess fate didn’t want it,
My love for you, now you didn’t need it.
Times changed & things weren’t like before,
The joy in your smile wasn’t there anymore.

To realize you were gone,
Shred & tore my heart.
I wished you would never have promised,
To never go apart.

All that’s left now,
Is pieces of me.
Putting them back together,
Just hoping you’ll see.
That each piece of my heart,
Has nothing in it, but you.
You’ve moved onto a new love,
But i will always love you.

Disclaimer: The above lines bear no resemblance to my current state of being and is merely a work of fiction 🙂 Any conclusions drawn will not be entertained.

Never too late

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Poetry

Building after a storm,
It’s never too late.
Storms can’t tear the spirit.

Rising up after a fall,
It’s never too late.
A fall can’t break determination.

Owning up to a mistake,
It’s never too late.
Mistakes can’t stop self-discipline.

Trying a task once given up on,
It’s never too late.
Giving up can’t erase the will to succeed.

Forgiving after a hurt,
It’s never too late.
A hurt can’t erode mercifulness.

Loving after losing someone,
It’s never too late.
Losing can’t conquer love.


Posted: June 9, 2010 in Poetry

Originally written as a dedication to a special someone that I lost somewhere in time.


I watch the stars,
Lining up in the sky,
I look for the brightest one,
But i cant spot it up high.
I wonder where it has gone,
I wonder why i cant see,
The star that was always there,
Lighting up the sky for me.

Oh my star, where you are?
Why dont you come to me?
Have you burned out?
Or have the heavens set you free?

Scanning the horizon,
I see a shooting star,
My heart skips a beat,
Do i accept defeat?
In the distance it fades away,
Into the ground, just crash & burn.
The final glimpse, a dying spark,
A star that cant light up the dark.

Oh my star, where you are?
Why dont you come to me?
Have you burned out?
Or have the heavens set you free?

I turn around, amazed to see,
An angel stand in front of me.
Her jet black hair, darker than night,
Her eyes lit up, fiery bright.
Her smile radiates a magnificent glow,
Her silken robe, like winter snow.
As she moves in closer, i start to freeze.
I try to speak, but words dont release.
Shes looking at me,
Trying to read my mind.
Beyond my doubts & fears,
She has my question to find.
She powers on, as i try to hide,
Her mystic aura with my thoughts collide.
She smiles at me, as i realise,
She’s here for me, to my surprise !
“Who are you?”, i ask, “From where you are?”
“I burned down from the heaven’s “, she says, “I’m your superstar.”