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An avid music lover, I like listening to good songs. But, there are always some songs that make you want to hear them again and again. I remember during my engineering days, the music of Om Shanti Om [2007] had released around September I guess and I had just managed to catch a few words of ‘Ajab Si’ playing on the radio of my very first cell fone, a Nokia 3110c, one that I still have. I remember how hard I concentrated on those few words that I heard, memorized them as if they were answers to sure-shot viva questions, got home & Googled !

And that’s how I got to know of this amazing song. It’s one of those simple lyric, easy tempo, even simpler melody, awesomely vocalized by K.K songs that get right through to your heart especially if love is in the air (like it is now).  So much, that I listened to it for not less than 40 times that day, the actual number could be well double that..or more. It was on repeat for hours and it was only when my cell beeped Battery Low that I realized how fanatic I had gotten. But then, such is the brilliance of songs that make you forget everything and totally immerse you into their melody, much like love. Such songs just stick in your brain long after you’ve listened to them and the brain obliges by setting them on Repeat. It’s amazing how such songs hook you to them often when it’s the perfect song for your mood or relates to something that’s going on. Below is a quick short list of songs that come to mind right now & a few awesome lines from each.

Ajab Si K.K.
[“…Kitna kuch kehna hai phir bhi hai dil me sawaal kahin, Sapno me jo roz kaha hai who phir se kahun ya nahin?…”]

Mora SaiyanShafqat Amanat Ali
[“…Pyaar tumhe kitna karte hain, tum ye samajh nahi paoge…”]

Jaane Ye Kya HuaK.K.
[“…Tumhe hai pata maine pehli baar jo dekha tumhe
Mujhe ye lagaa,  Chahun bhi toh kaise paa sakoonga tumhe…”]

[“…The broken locks were a warning, you got inside my head
I tried my best to be guarded, I’m an open book instead…”]

HeavenDJ Sammy & Yanou
[“…Love is all that I need, & I found it there in your heart, It isn’t too hard to see, We’re in heaven…”]

You & MeLifehouse
[“…There’s something about you now, I can’t quite figure out.
Everything she does is beautiful, Everything she does is right…”]

What’s your quick list?