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Some lines that I had written and buried somewhere on my previous blog, now finding its way here.

Each time.

Each time that I see your eyes,
My own freeze solid like the arctic ice.

Each time that I hear your voice,
Each spoken word drowns out the noise.

Each time that I see your smile,
My heart gets me to surrender mine.

Each time that I hold your hand,
I realize how much it’s in demand.

Each time that I think of you,
There’s nothing else I’d want to do.

Each time that I’m day-dreaming,
I realize that reality is far from believing.

Each time that my heart skips a beat,
I just smile knowing your approaching me.

Each time there’s something you’re about to say,
I wonder, how without words; do you take my breath away?

Each time that I make you laugh,
Do you realize, that it’s only you I love?

Each time that you go away,
I can’t wait to meet you the next day.

Each time that I’m about to sleep,
I set free my heart for you to keep.

Each time I wish that I not wish anymore,
I only succumb to my heart’s control.

Each time that with you I fight,
I stay awake trying to make it up that night.

Each time that I make you cry,
Next moment I’m wishing, that I’d die.

Each time that I’m alone,
I’m only praying; someday you’ll call me your own.

Each second of my existence I give to you.
Yearning, in return, for your love true.